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Kitchen Cabinet Services

If you are looking for an affordable solution whether to install new cabinets, or to repair or maintain what you already have, you are in the right place. Our team has the capacity, experience and the necessary knowledge to carry out any type of solution that your kitchen requires.

Whether you’re installing, repairing, painting or generally just maintaining, these are the main services we offer to our customers throughout the Pennsylvania area.

cabinets refacing service 123 kitchen

Cabinets Refacing

In this operation we replace the skins, doors and the drawer fronts, but also we apply a new veneer over the existing and previously installed casing. Usually the hardware, hinges and drawer pulls are also replaced in this process.

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refinishing cabinets service 123 kitchen

Cabinets Refinishing

In the event that your cabinets are in good physical condition but you would still like to change the look, refinishing can be a more affordable option since you don’t have to change the base or parts to have a cabinet that looks like new.

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countertops intall and replace 123 kitchen cabinets


If your countertops are outdated or in poor condition and you want to fix it or completely replace it, our team of experts specialized in materials such as Granite, Quartz, Formica and Solid Surface, can install or repair your tops at a competitive prices.

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Our Showroom in Pennsylvania

We understand that when remodeling your kitchen, cabinets are the most important element because of all the work involved.

That’s why we recommend that before you spend money on a new kitchen cabinet you take an in-depth view of them and imagine how they would look in your kitchen and if they fit what you’re searching for.

For this reason we have set up a showroom with all the amenities so that you can visit us at any time and clarify any questions about it.

brown kitchen cabinets for exhibition

Different brown kitchen cabinets for exhibition.

grey kitchen cabinets around the refrigerator

Five grey kitchen cabinets around the refrigerator.

Cabinets with different countertops styles

Cabinets with multiple colors and countertops styles.

kitchen sink cabinet

Kitchen sink cabinet whit white countertop.

over the stove cabinet

Over the stove new white kitchen cabinet.

single white cabinet

Single white cabinet with classic countertop.

white cabinets and countertops

Complete white cabinets kitchen with countertops.

white vintage style cabinet and countertop

White vintage style cabinet and countertop.

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